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Our upmost gratitude and thanks to our Indiegogo supporters who made this entire album possible: Jofrin Pezzati, Carly Schorman, Elizabeth Hockersmith, Susan Schorman, Mark Pezzati, David McCormack, Trevor W. Antone, Lisa-Marie Pezzati, Sean McClanahan, Scott Russell, Rex M. Anderson, Wayne Anderson, Bonnie Anderson, Dustin Henderson, Matthew Schorman, Mike McQuillian, Douglas Arguyle, Pamela Lehmkuhl, Cordelia Francis, Fred Gardea, Paul R. Schmeling, Mitch Anderson, Carole J. Francis, Katherine Foster, Garett Riggs, TJ Buechler, David Leatham, Michael Quinn, Nelson Ortiz, BF, Tracy Norberg and Veronica Crane.

Special thanks to: Mike Hissong, Catherine Vericolli, and Rufus of 513 Recording for bringing the vision to life and to Burning Empire Media for the beautiful campaign video and spreading our message like wildfire.

A Very Special thanks to the Anderson, Francis, and Hockersmith families.

This album/EP/songconglom has been a true joy to put together; from its conception through the Indiegogo campaign, to its eventual delivery, it has been good for the soul. The band has gone through huge personal changes during its making, from cross continental relocations to the birthing of sons, and this project has been one of few constants. Thanks again to all of you. We'll catch ya on the next one.



released September 1, 2015

horizon i ||| Quitter

Anthony Napoleon Francis - percussion
Clifford Charles Hockersmith - choral, strings
Mark Richmond Anderson - strings, choral

Produced by horizon i and Mike Hissong.

All music and lyrics by C. Hockersmith, M. Anderson, A. Francis.
Recorded/engineered/mixed by Mike Hissong at 513 Recording, Tempe, AZ. Artwork by M. Anderson. All rights reserved © 2015.


all rights reserved



horizon i Phoenix, Arizona

If you like what you hear, please feel free to download any or all of our material for whatever price you can handle. Don't hesitate to set your price at $0.00; we want you to enjoy our music more than we want your money.
Check back often as more tunes are coming soon.
Thanks for listening and take care.

-The 3 forms of horizon i.
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Track Name: Main Street
The windows at the White House have their curtains drawn
Capitol Hill closed down quietly for repairs
The President he wrings his hands and paces on the lawn
Legislators pass time splitting hairs
Now, meanwhile folks are forced to turn the other cheek
‘cause the ugly truth has slapped them in the face
One day they’re clocking full time weeks and the next they’re holding signs out on the street
Drafted into the army of the displaced

When will this Change come through; before or after the bills are due?
Well, perhaps it’s time we settle any doubt.
This is what it means to live the dream when Main Street’s bleeding out

Now, coast to coast folks try their hands at most anything to get by
Going door to door they’re begging for the Change
That was sold and pledged and promised them by the latest partyline
that adds up to a threadbare minimum wage

More families spendin’ time trying to keep their kids in line
Down at the office where the numbered windows wait
When their turn comes I hope it’s not too late, ‘cause Main Street’s bleeding out

Main Street’s bleeding out

Times are tight, belts are too, though it shouldn’t last more than a year or two, right?
That’s the carrot before the mule, my friends, no doubt
Wall Street writes off it’s damages as Main Street bleeds through it’s bandages
Now we ain’t looking for a handout, a bailout or clemency
We just want what’s promised us by birth
The right to life and liberty and to pursue our futures happily
A fair shake and a chance to earn our worth
And if it all comes down we’ll ride the leaders outta town
On a rail and they’ll be lucky if tarred and feathered’s all they get.
You see, it’s half what they deserve, when the powers that be forget who they serve
Well, I hope the coming storm is worth the drought
‘cause Main Street’s bleeding out.

Main Street’s bleeding out
Track Name: Around n Round
There's a poor boy on the corner, hasn't got a dollar
Has a basket full of riches, his baby daughter.
There's a rich boy caddy-corner, got it from his father
Owns the building that he enters, tie under collar.

The world goes round n round
What once was lost is found
Circle's inter-wound
Around n round n round.

See the poor girl next to husband, dog on a collar
In the winter's frigid nothing, takes a drag, another.
See the rich girl pull up quickly, you know she's a head taller
As she walks past she can't help it, thinks of her mother.

The world goes round n round
What once was lost is found
Circle's inter-wound
Around n round n round.

The world goes round n round
What once was lost is found
And what goes up comes down
Buried deep beneath the ground.

Can't you see it in our eyes?
We're all exactly the same.
Shaped by circumstance and our placement in this life.
We're all of the same mind.

Like the other day I was at the Circle K
When a man ignored asked me for some change
And after our hands touched he told me of his life,
We both just shook our heads and laughed.

"Where do we come from?" "Why are we here?"
These questions seem irrelevant year after year after year after year.
The two that I ask now are, "Where am I going" and
"Will you still be by my side?"

Around n round the sun we go who knows when it will stop?
Yeah, someday pretty soon we'll get off this fuckin' rock.
There's only one explanation worth believing: Am I dreaming?
It's deceiving
and so fleeting.
Am I dreaming?
Track Name: Selfish Welcome
I am out of sympathy for the man who,
despite a strong draw, plays his hand to lose
ducks a plan and lets a lack of options choose
picks a fight and hopes to wear the victim's bruise
does damage and then blames it on the booze

you tried to torch the truth as best you could
instead you burnt the bridge on which we stood
I guess the fire took the drier wood
what does it matter now, bad or good?
what does it matter now?

I am out of benefit's of the doubt
when it's plain the same lame script will be acted out
no mystery what the can't miss twist is all about
this plot has long since worn its selfish welcome out

your head is down
you're drowning and you think it's clever
I'm bowing out, I wash my hands of the whole damn thing

I'm done wasting words with the thoughtless type
who trade on trust when the need is there and the market's right
view truth as a debatable shade of circumstantial light
watch your back with a sharpened tongue and ready knife

you tried to torch the truth as best you could
instead you burnt the bridge on which we stood
I guess the fire took the drier wood
what does it matter now, bad or good?
what does it matter now?
Track Name: Fortune's Fool
The more I see, the less I know
The less I keep my lies in line the more I need the show
If only they would just and believe
they would understand and see the genius that I see in me
Nevermind the means
The more I speak the truth the less there is to say
The more that I pretend to give I really take away
(boo hoo, poor you, fortune’s fool)

….they’ve all moved on but he wont and probably never will…

Here’s one for the Self Made Loser; Usurer of the Saddest Songs
His Melody, of selfish misery wrapped in the malady
Go ahead, sing along

‘bout an hour ‘til close the kid strolls in
Soliloquy extols him, yet, this sheep in wolf’s clothing is a
Student and study in modern self-loathing.
Fortune’s fool picks a stool and bellies up to the bar
Now, the crowd has grown thin as the barkeep’s grin
No matter, booze patterned loose chatter is perfect for him
You see, he’s thirsty to complain or confide or explain his side
Of how the big, bad world broke his poor, pure heart
Woe is me with a smile is on tap for a while
round after round he sounds like a good guy at heart
but they begin to notice the tells of his script
and that he’s listening or interested in anything other than his own shit
and soon the wordless replies of empty stools and rolling eyes
are all that’s left of an audience misread from the start
(they’ve all moved on but he won’t and probably never will)

Here’s one for the self made loser; Usurer of the Saddest songs
He’s a melody of selfish misery wrapped up in the malady
Go ahead, sing along
Here’s one for the lonesome boozer; Abuser of the Saddest Songs
He’s a malady of selfish misery wrapped up in the melody
Best let him drink alone

His apathy? on cue
Your sympathy? his muse
Hey Jealousy, have ya heard the news?
It’s oh so romantic having nothing to lose
Performing live nightly at a dive near you

Through half empty beer bottles three rounds deep, stacks of shot glasses passin’ for half full dreams,
Local legends and old school cats with faded tats holding court for the barflies, the hangers on and the rats
He shoulders up and comers handing out numbers faded, not yet jaded, and puts up his sticker on a piss painted wall
Who cares, at least he can say he’s got one in there and he catches his eye in the mirror comin’ outta the stall
In that moment he knows he’s not the fairest of them all and he retreats as the fear hits him like a self aware wrecking ball
but the crowd is a boulder he just can’t push past, the door seems uphill he’s going nowhere fast . it’s a never ending struggle from the first breath to the last
all eyes are on him as he screams the only honest note that he’s ever hit.
I am fortune’s fool.